Billiard game Snooker

said even billiards english, is a specialty of billiards especially widespread in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which takes place on the billiard table greatest among those currently in use, 12 × 6 feet (about 366 × 183 cm), provided with holes to the network. Is part of the games in which is commonly used as a cue from billiards and on the game plan 22 balls (red 15 arranged in a triangle, 6 of various colors and 1 white).




Billiards Russian Pyramid

The Russian PyramidBilliard (in Russian Русскийбильярд), known in Italian as Russian Pyramid, is a specialty of billiards widespread especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union. You practice on a table with the field maximum clearance of cm. 360 x 180. The objective is to reach 71 points thanks to 15 white balls and numbered.