Billiards Table Design Collection

The “Design Collection Billiards Table” Line The “Design Collection” billiard tables are authentic masterpieces, design objects made using the highest quality materials. The supporting structure is in galvanized iron, the playing surface is made up of 3 cm thick slates , the sides built in solid wood are upholstered with cloths of the highest quality.The design Collection line was created to meet the needs of customers who, in addition to billiards, are looking for an unmistakable highly finished object that can be transformed into a dining table if necessary.

Agata Model

Ambra Model

Aurea Model

Blenda Model

Coba Model

Dyas Model

Ekan Model

Galaxy Model

Goa Model

Herk Model

Heula Model

Jade Model

Kunz model

Lounge model

Matrix model

Matrix Plus model

Monaco model

Nexus model

Noah model

Olympus model

Onix model

Phantom Model

Picas Model